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Global Commons Situation Room

Third gathering: GCA 2.0 Oct 19th, 9am-10.30am CET or 4pm-5.30pm CET See session recording. Early session (9am-10.30am CET): Please register using the following link Late session (4pm-5.30pm CET): Please register using the following link

How can we make more space for nature in our lives?

Working in partnership with the World’s Largest Lesson, the Global Commons Alliance recently brought a group of school children together for an art lesson on the subject of ‘Nature Positive’ the idea that we can all contribute to a future with more nature than we have now.

What is ‘nature positive’ and why is it the key to our future?

The Global Commons Alliance Leadership Council has published the following oped on the WEF Agenda G7 leaders called for the world to become net zero and nature positive. Nature positive means enhancing the resilience of our planet and societies to halt and reverse nature loss.

Global Commons Alliance team contributes to new Netflix documentary Breaking Boundaries

Today, Netflix launches a major new documentary about the risks to the global commons: Breaking Boundaries: the Science of Our Planet.  The 75-minute documentary is narrated by Sir David Attenborough follows the scientific discovery of the nine planetary boundaries with Johan Rockström, the chair of GCA’s Earth Commission.  Rockström and GCA director of communications Owen

Global Commons Situation Room

Join the Leadership Council of the Global Commons Alliance (GCA) to create a plan of action to accelerate planetary stewardship in 2021.