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Join us @ Stockholm+50

Together we’ll be asking and answering the question: “How can we become planetary stewards?”.

Global Commons Alliance appoints Dario Soto-Abril as new chair

NEW YORK: The Global Commons Alliance (GCA) is delighted to announce it has appointed Dario Soto-Abril, Executive Secretary and Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of the Global Water Partnership and former CEO at Fairtrade International as its new Chair. Dario brings with him a wealth of experience, strong strategic vision and a warm heart.

Global Commons Situation Room

On March 28th, the Earth Commissioners will unveil the inner workings of the latest cutting edge science in the Global Commons Alliance, which takes into account the complex interactions between the natural world and human wellbeing.

Report: State of Climate Action 2021

A new report, The State of Climate Action 2021: Systems Transformations Required to Limit Global Warming to 1.5°C, from the Global Commons Alliance’s Systems Change Lab.