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Standing for a systems approach

To shape a nation, you need a government. To shape a planet, you need an Alliance.

There is no single solution for the nature and climate crisis.

Despite limited timeframes for action and worsening impacts, over-simplification and siloed fixes are slowing progress when we need it the most. Climate action that harms nature is one example. Nature-based solutions that lock out local communities is another.

As the Earth Commission science and many other reports – including the Global Stocktake – make clear, we need radical systems change and just transformations across all of society.

Now is the time for close collaboration between governments, businesses, civil society and others, working in multi-stakeholder coalitions to shape the regenerative future that is still within our grasp.

The Global Commons Alliance exists to help facilitate that collaboration.

A system is made up of multiple interdependent, interacting elements that work together to generate a particular outcome — such as how we produce food, how we move around the world or how we power cities. Systems change refers to a fundamental, sustained shift or a series of smaller changes that, taken together, disrupt the status quo and lead to the formation of a new path.

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