Global Commons Situation Room

Fourth gathering: The science of our life support

March 28th, 2022 at 4-5.30pm CET

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What do tipping points in the Earth-system have to do with culture, communities and climate? What do they mean for businesses, investors and governments? Why separate science from advocacy?

On March 28th, the Earth Commissioners will unveil the inner workings of the latest cutting edge science in the Global Commons Alliance, which takes into account the complex interactions between the natural world and human wellbeing.

This new scientific framework will define safe and just boundaries for people and planet, and provide a clear direction of travel for the just transition we need across multiple sectors. It’s heading into peer review this summer. March 28th is your chance for a detailed preview into the efforts of the scientists pulling this extraordinary piece of work off.

Meanwhile, across the Alliance, we’re working to translate that science for real world application, with Science-Based Targets for nature and climate, systems change insights and the accountability mechanisms to back it all up.

For all of us who want to make sure the climate solutions we’re investing in don’t have a negative impact on nature or people, we believe this science will help unlock some of the critical answers.


  • Johan Rockström, Co-Chair of the Earth Commission & Director of the Potsdam Institute for Climate Impact Research
  • Joyeeta Gupta, Co-Chair of the Earth Commission & Professor of Environment and Development at the Global South, Amsterdam Institute for Social Science
  • and a whole host of Commissioners and experts from the Earth Commission.


  • Activation: Create enthusiasm among partners for the net-zero, nature-positive agenda and activate them for our joint vision
  • Bravery: Instill boldness, courage and optimism with all GCA partners that we can ‘get the job done’
  • Connection: Engineer serendipity among partners and individuals that have mutually supportive agendas
  • Alignment: Channel energy into a few focused action tracks that promise high impact
  • Acceleration: Help all partners to succeed faster


Please join us for this session on March 28 from 4-5.30pm CET.


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The GCA is not an institution. We are a network of highly motivated and skilled individuals and organisations committed to the stewardship of our global commons. For us to deliver our collective goals, we ask our partners to commit time, know-how and their networks specifically help drive forward the GCA action streams.