This is a planetary emergency.

To secure a safe and just future for humanity we need urgent action at an unprecedented scale to protect and restore the global commons.

We are creating the world’s most powerful network to empower citizens, cities, companies and countries to become stewards of our global commons.

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Our five-part formula for systems transformation


Earth Commission

A compass for humanity

An international team of scientists identify a safe and just corridor for people and planet.



Science Based Targets Network

Building on a proven model

Mobilizing companies and cities and providing them with the essential tools to protect all global commons.



Earth HQ

Media mobilisation and movement building

An international strategic communications platform to protect and restore the global commons.



Systems Change Lab

Transforming the global economy

The Systems Change Lab will monitor the progress of transformations around the world, distill our rapidly evolving understanding of what constitutes and promotes systemic change, identify critical gaps, and mobilize support for coalitions as they push towards tipping points.



Accountability Accelerator

Enabling accountability for commitments

Igniting action and building a system of accountability that enables companies and other key actors to hold themselves and each other responsible for performing in line with science-based targets and broader environmental performance.


The path forward is built on trust, cooperation and optimism. Everyone is on this journey.

Here’s how you can join and support the movement:

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“If done right, we can turn the tragedy of the global commons into an opportunity. Safeguarding the global commons is the wisest investment that can be made.” Naoko Ishii
Director, Center for #GlobalCommons, University of Tokyo and former head of the Global Environment Facility

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The Global Commons Alliance represents the world’s most forward-looking organisations in philanthropy, science, business and advocacy.

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