73% believe Earth approaching tipping points


Today, the Global Commons Alliance released some fascinating new research highlighting how the public feel about protecting nature and its importance in safeguarding our future.


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Earlier this year, in partnership with IPSOS Mori we polled the general public across all G20 countries to find out what they think about the state of the global commons and the transformations we urgently need to make to protect them. The results provide the most granular set of insights into how the public is thinking on these issues ever gathered.

We’re especially honoured that Elizabeth Wathuti, a passionate climate & environmental activist from Kenya, founder of Green Generation Initiative and head of campaigns at Wangari Maathai Foundation, wrote the forward for the report.

A few key findings stand out:

  • 73% of people in G20 countries believe Earth is approaching potentially abrupt or irreversible tipping points because of human action.
  • 58% are extremely or very worried about the state of the global commons.
  • 83% are willing to do more to become better “planetary stewards” and protect and regenerate the global commons. People in developing economies showed greater willingness to do more to protect nature and climate than those in advanced economies: Indonesia (95%), South Africa (94%), China (93%) compared with Japan (61%), Germany (70%), and the United States (74%).
  • 73% agree their country’s economy should move beyond a singular focus on profit and economic growth (GDP) and focus more on human wellbeing and ecological protection and regeneration.
  • 69% of people believe the benefits of action to protect the global commons outweigh the costs.
  • 59% acknowledge a very rapid energy transition is needed in the next decade.
  • But just 8% acknowledge the need for broader economic changes in the next decade.
  • 71% agree the pandemic recovery is a unique moment to build societies more resilient to future shocks.

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These results should be a wake up call for leaders. We have here all the information we need to see that most people want to and are ready to make changes that will keep our global commons and each other safe. But they need help understanding how to do this, and help in understanding the benefits of taking action now.

Much more work needs to be done to communicate the importance of our global commons and their role in ensuring a safe and just corridor for humanity.

Find all Global Commons Survey data here: https://www.ipsos.com/ipsos-mori/en-uk/global-commons-survey-attitudes-transformation-and-planetary-stewardship.