Global Commons Situation Room

Second gathering: The future is Nature Positive

June 9th, 3pm-4.30pm CET

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Results of the first session

This is the second gathering this year for all GCA partners. It is very much needed. This is a Super Year for action on climate and nature. Our mission in the Super Year is to unite these communities around a common goal. Join the Leadership Council of the Global Commons Alliance (GCA) to engage in a new international campaign: Nature Positive.

Beyond 2021, we are looking ahead to Stockholm+50 in June 2022. The UN has now agreed the meeting will take place. This is an important opportunity for the GCA to drive action. The second part of the agenda will outline the strategic areas we will focus on in the next 12 months.


  • Activation: Create enthusiasm among partners for the net-zero, nature-positive agenda and activate them for our joint agenda
  • Bravery: Instill boldness, courage and optimism with all GCA partners that we can ‘get the job done’
  • Connection: Engineer serendipity among partners and individuals that have mutually supportive agendas
  • Alignment: Channel energy into a few focused action tracks that promise high impact
  • Acceleration: Help all partners to succeed faster


Please join us for this working session on June 9th, 3pm-4.30pm CET.


Please register using the following link

Please feel free to forward this invitation internally to colleagues as you see fit.


The GCA is not an institution. We are a network of highly motivated and skilled individuals and organisations committed to the stewardship of our global commons. For us to deliver our collective goals, we ask our partners to commit time, know-how and their networks specifically help drive forward the GCA action streams.