Global Commons Alliance - Accelerating Planetary Stewardship
28/04/2021NewsGlobal Commons Alliance

Global Commons Situation Room: Accelerating Planetary Stewardship

Global Commons Alliance - Accelerating Planetary Stewardship

June 9th, 3pm-4.30pm CET 

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Results of the first session

Join the Leadership Council of the Global Commons Alliance (GCA) to create a plan of action to accelerate planetary stewardship in 2021. 

This is our second working session this year for all GCA partners ramping up to Stockholm+50 in June 2022. The aim is to build a strong action-oriented community.

The strongest feedback we got from the first session on February 3rd was that we should develop a timeline with deliverables and milestones; this delivery timeline should be easily understood and accessible by all partners for us to more easily align our various activities. We will spend time during this upcoming meeting to share and discuss with you our deliverables timeline across the GCA. 

This is why we are pivoting towards calling these sessions the Global Commons Situation Room for which we are building a virtual collaboration space that gives all partners access to information and deliverables under development.


The first session introduced 5 action streams, each representing a top priority for the GCA, which will continue to serve as a way of organizing ourselves. 

Action streams:

  1. Raise awareness of the scientific concept of a safe and just corridor for humanity
  2. Ready companies and cities to set science-based targets for the global commons
  3. Strengthen an accountability system for the global commons 
  4. Monitor and advocate for the required transformations toward planetary stewardship
  5. Activate media to become a megaphone for the global commons

Furthermore you have told us that a key priority for you is to discuss the many events this year that we all feel some pressure to attend

  • What are the biggest opportunities for us this year, from COP 26, CBD, UN Food Summit, World Conservation Congress out to Stockholm+50? As a whole and by action stream? 
  • How can we leverage the strength of all partners and our collective leadership?
  • What is our message when engaging during these events with government leaders?


  • Activation: Create enthusiasm among partners for the net-zero, nature-positive agenda and activate them for our joint agenda
  • Bravery: Instill boldness, courage and optimism with all GCA partners that we can ‘get the job done’
  • Connection: Engineer serendipity among partners and individuals that have mutually supportive agendas
  • Alignment: Channel energy into a few focused action tracks that promise high impact
  • Acceleration: Help all partners to succeed faster  


Please join us for this working session on June 9th, 3pm-4.30pm CET.


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The GCA is not an institution. We are a network of highly motivated and skilled individuals and organisations committed to the stewardship of our global commons. For us to deliver our collective goals, we ask our partners to commit time, know-how and their networks specifically help drive forward the GCA action streams.