This Farming Method Grows Crops With Fish Poop

This Farming Method Grows Crops With Fish Poop

This farming method uses fish poop to fertilize crops, feed urban communities, and protect the planet.

At Oko Farms, produce is grown through a process called aquaponics, where freshwater fish are raised in one tank and their waste is transported to another that contains crops, fertilizing them. The plants clean the water as they absorb the fertilizer, and the clean water is then recycled back into the fish tank.

‘Aquaponics is biomimicry,’ explains Yemi Amu, the founder and director of Oko Farms. ‘We’re copying what nature does.’

The cyclical process doesn’t let anything go to waste, and some crops end up growing up to 3 times faster than if they were planted in soil.

Aquaponics places producers closer to consumers, allowing farms to feed urban communities, while conserving water and protecting the planet. At Oko Farms, the team uses approximately 80 percent less water than traditional soil methods.

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