Our focus

Biodiversity is the total variety of all Earth’s species, their genetic information and the ecosystems they form. Humans depend on healthy ecosystems to stabilize the climate, provide food, clean water, purify air, provide raw materials and protect coastlines. Biodiversity loss is threatening Earth’s capacity to maintain the healthy ecosystems we need and this must be addressed urgently.

Businesses and cities’ activities contribute to biodiversity loss through actions like changing the way land and ocean are used, exploiting raw materials and contributing to climate change, pollution and invasive species prevalence.

Through setting science-based targets for nature, companies and cities can play their part in halting biodiversity loss while improving business performance and creating more liveable cities

For business, biodiversity loss presents physical, regulatory, financial and reputational risks. Businesses can improve competitiveness by responding to societal concerns and consumer preferences. Investing in biodiversity helps prevent liabilities and compensation claims while creating efficiencies, more robust supply chains and new revenue streams.

In cities, biodiversity loss may destabilize local climates and increase health risks and vulnerability to natural disasters. Cities can moderate the impacts of high temperatures and reduce pollution while increasing their resilience against natural hazards and the ability to act as a carbon sink.