NowThis Earth is a new channel that focuses on comprehensive coverage of human impact on our planet and how to respond

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“Saving our planet is now a communications challenge. We know what to do, we just need the will” Sir David Attenborough

Earth HQ is the media arm of Global Common Alliance, a coalition of scientific, philanthropic and conservation organizations along with business networks working to protect the global commons. We are working to build public support for planetary stewardship and transformation of our global economy to operate within safe planetary boundaries.

Earth HQ and NowThis, the no.1 most-watched mobile news brand globally announced the launch of a major editorial endeavor, NowThis Earth. The new channel focuses on comprehensive coverage of human impact on our planet, and how to respond.

In 8 weeks, NowThis Earth has reached over 40M people with over 200 stories focused on solving the planetary emergency.

NowThis Earth offers a rare game-changing opportunity to raise awareness and drive action with a daily persistent narrative of ‘solutions journalism’ directed to a massive, engaged and essential public audience. Linking bespoke journalists and experts with the most skilled producers using the latest media technology to drive global reach with accomplished, existing media partners. Our digital news team is reporting daily (50+ stories a month) across all social media channels to drive the narrative for Global Commons Alliance.

Youth Audience Of NowThis:  NowThis reaches 70% of U.S. millennials (age 24 to 39) and averages approximately 2 billion video views on a monthly basis. Additionally, approximately 40% of NowThis’ audience is International, with large concentrations in China and India through NowThis Mandarin & NowThis India, as well as in Spanish speaking markets through NowThis Español

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Audience Metrics For NowThis Earth After 8 weeks

7 million+



stories so far

236 Million

people reached

For submission of story ideas for NowThis Earth, please contact Christine Southam: [email protected]

For Funders interested in supporting Earth HQ’s public outreach effort, please contact David Prieto: [email protected]