Earth HQ – a “situation room” for the planet

“Saving our planet is now a communications challenge. We know what to do, we just need the will” Sir David Attenborough


Earth HQ is the megaphone, media platform and worldwide public mobilization hub supporting the work of the Global Commons Alliance. It uses mass media to reveal the planetary emergency and inspire global action. Earth HQ’s first media partnership launched Now This Earth with media giant NowThis, the most-watched mobile news brand globally, and Mongabay, the largest network of environmental science journalists with over 800 reporters, many located in the Global South and reporting news and inspiration from the front lines of nature.

NowThis Earth targets a younger global audience of millennials and Gen Z under 40. In October 2021 Earth HQ launched the Earth Dashboard, a public facing interactive data portal which will inform users of progress towards a just and safe future for humanity, centralizing and curating the best visualized data on the status of Earth’s systems, as well as illustrating the pressures on Earth systems by companies and governments.

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NowThis Earth focuses on comprehensive coverage of human impact on our planet and how to respond

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