Earth HQ – a “situation room” for the planet

David Attenborough
“Saving our planet is now a communications challenge. We know what to do, we just need the will” Sir David Attenborough

Earth HQ is the media arm and strategic communications platform of the Global Commons Alliance. Earth HQ supports GCA by democratizing vital information and science, building public support for planetary stewardship, and tracking progress on the safe and just transition to a stable planet.

Earth HQ also facilitates and supports  the Nature Pavillion and Nature’s Newsroom at COP27 together with the Climate Champions and Nature 4 Climate. Many partners are working together to elevate the importance of protecting and restoring natural systems as a critical path to reach the climate goals. 

Working with multiple partners, including Now This Earth, Mongabay and We Don’t Have Time, Earth HQ reaches specific audiences at scale with critical information and stories about the state of the global commons. We also share stories about some of the most exciting solutions that will help contribute to a safe and just future for all. 

Earth HQ’s open media ecosystem is designed to: 

  • Communicate the most up to date science in easily understandable terms with visual storytelling across all major social media platforms.
  • Shine a light on diverse and compelling voices for change, with strong representation from the Global South, indigenous and other local communities
  • Support investigative reporting on bad actors to increase transparency and accountability
  • Focus on optimism and feasible solutions