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Dear Planetary Steward, Dear friend of the Global Commons Alliance,

Together with Earth4All, Ipsos and other partners, we asked people from 17 G20 countries to share their views on economic and political transformations.

Most people surveyed  – 71% – think urgent action is needed this decade on nature and climate across all economic sectors, a clear mandate for decision makers to step up the pace of their efforts.  Furthermore,  most – 68% – believe there is too much economic inequality, and there is strong support – 68% – for progressive taxation to address this. The press release includes more information, as well as links to explore the rich data in full – including country specific reports – and there’s a suite of social assets to support amplification.

While the UK and France gear up for elections in the coming days followed by Turkey and then the US later in the year, the survey results illuminate that voters around the world support taxing wealth and agree that the way the economy works should prioritize the health and wellbeing of people and nature rather than focusing solely on profit and increasing wealth.

To embark on a new era of resilience and regeneration where people and nature can thrive, we must support those acting locally as stewards in the most critical places and ecosystems. This will take a truly global effort, and many of the conversations during London Climate Action Week this week are focused on that need.

new high-ambition coalition convened by Groundswell, of which Systems Change Lab is a founding partner, was launched in London on Monday bringing together businesses, mayors, investors, youth activists, scientists and others calling on governments to move faster on climate action and submit more ambitious national climate plans. The initiative, called Mission 2025, is a bold attempt to unlock more momentum and finance to protect nature, scale renewable energy and support industries to compete in a low carbon economy.

There is already movement in the right direction: last week the EU adopted the Nature Restoration Law, and, thanks to stronger policies in Brazil under President Lula, deforestation in the Amazon  is rapidly reducing.

We look forward to working closely with our partners to mobilize citizens, companies, cities and countries to accelerate the systems change that is already underway – and become better guardians of the global commons.

With all my best wishes,

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