TED Countdown – #JoinTheCountdown on 10.10

TED Countdown, a Virtual Global Summit on Climate Change, takes place on Saturday, 10.10.2020.

Why is TED Countdown needed?

TED wants to pivot from Ideas Worth Spreading to turning ideas to action. The 2020s must see the fastest economic transition in history. We need to halve global emissions by 2030 and build resilient natural systems. Four tipping points are aligning: social movement, economic forces, political momentum and the technological revolution. This is happening.

The Global Commons Alliance is one of the TED Countdown partners. We have been on this incredible journey with the team for 9 months.

Johan Rockstrom from the leadership council of the Global Commons Alliance will give the opening TED Countdown talk and his theme will be the essential systems approach focusing on the global commons and planetary boundaries.

Johan is one of many in the 5 hours of programming and discussion including Christiana Figueres, Al Gore and Mark Ruffalo. It’s packed with stories from amazing speakers around the globe on how we can transform our systems with innovative breakthroughs, and critical citizen action.

Best of all, TED pivoted big time in response to the planetary emergency we are in. All this has been achieved with just one short-haul flight. Not bad, eh?

Videos will be broadcasted around the globe on 10.10.2020 from 11AM ET – 5PM ET at youtube.com/TED.

Please #JoinTheCountdown with us on 10.10.2020 and help us all #ImagineTheFuture we want.

The event, like our future, is free.