Global Commons 2021: accelerating planetary stewardship

Wednesday, 3 February, 14:30-16:00 CET


Join Nigel Topping, COP 26 High-Level Climate Action Champion and Johan Rockström, Executive Director of the Potsdam Institute for Climate Impact Research to create a plan of action to accelerate planetary stewardship in 2021. 

We are organising bi-monthly strategy sessions for all GCA partners throughout 2021. The aim is to build a strong action-orientated community. For the first session, we aim to co-create our collective goals for the year and align strategies. We are keen to find ways to channel our collective energy into a few focused activities that promise high impact.


2020 was a wake-up call for humanity. With the pandemic came a stark reminder that Earth is our only home; that we are all in this together; that science is our compass; that trust in knowledge and each other are our foundations, and that cooperation is our superpower.

2021 must be a transformative moment for humanity. It must kickstart the roaring 2020s: the fastest economic transition in history.

The strategy session will explore five actions streams:

  1. Raise awareness for the scientific concept of a safe and just corridor for humanity, which will underpin the setting of science-based targets
  2. Ready 1000 companies and cities to set science-based targets for the global commons
  3. Craft and implement an accountability platform that brings more teeth to commitments made
  4. Share powerful stories and establish new media partnerships so we can reach a more diverse audience
  5. Monitor the required transformations and mobilise governments, policy makers and multilateral bodies to become stewards of the global commons


This event is for all staff of all Global Commons Alliance partners. From partner organizations, we are specifically looking for participation from:

  • Executive leadership
  • Communications leads
  • Science leads
  • Corporation, cities & investor engagement leads
  • Policy leads


Please join us for this inspirational working session on Wednesday, 3 February, 14:30-16:00 CET.


Please register using the following link. 

Please feel free to forward this invite internally to colleagues as you see fit.


The Global Commons Alliance is not an institution. We are a network of highly motivated and skilled individuals and organisations committed to the stewardship of our global commons. For us to deliver our collective goals, we ask you to commit time, know-how and your networks specifically help drive forward our action streams.