GCA on the plenary stage at WEF2023: A sneak preview of the Earth Commission’s safe and just Earth System boundaries

On January 18th 2023, at 2pm CET, Earth Commission co-chairs Johan Rockström and Joyeeta Gupta presented a teaser of the safe and just science on the plenary stage at the World Economic Forum in Davos.

This pioneering new science proposes clear new boundaries, like the Paris Agreement’s 1.5C limit for climate, for several interconnected global commons: Climate, Biosphere (intact nature and managed nature), Freshwater (ground and surface), Fertilizers (phosphorus and nitrogen) and Aerosol Pollutants (air quality).

Crucially, these new boundaries account for Earth system impacts and human well being and justice. This is the first time justice – between people and generations, and between people and nature – has been factored into an assessment of the state of the planet. It therefore represents a quantum leap in our ability to understand Earth’s capacity to sustain life, and of the role we humans play as guardians of the global commons and each other.

We call these new boundaries the safe and just Earth System Boundaries. Watch Johan and Joyeeta reveal some of the forthcoming science here.

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