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Dear Planetary Steward, Dear friend of the Global Commons Alliance,

Today we bring exciting news from the Science Based Targets Network (SBTN): SBTN has appointed the Global Commons Alliance Accountability Accelerator to host the validation services for its corporate science-based targets for nature. The validation services, which will begin later this year, will ensure companies’ targets are in line with the science. In preparation for the launch, the Accountability Accelerator is finalizing its governance model, building a platform to facilitate companies’ target submissions and validations, and recruiting and training its validators.

Science-based targets for nature are absolutely crucial for the corporate world to take ambitious and measurable action on nature and climate together. This is the beginning of change for the next generation of sustainability metrics, in which nature is no longer left out of boardrooms.

The proposed Nature Restoration Law, due to be adopted by the European Union, would have required national governments to restore at least 20% of Europe’s land and sea areas by 2030, as well as all ecosystems needing restoration by 2050. While 27 European countries support the law, it’s faced pushback from eight, which has seen it being disappointingly watered down. And, with the 2024 Elections for the European Parliament scheduled for 6-9th June expected to swing to the right, it will become even more challenging for the law to pass. But just one of those countries changing its position could allow it to pass. Just one! That’s where EU citizens come in. Voters have a crucial opportunity to elect leaders who want to restore the global commons we all share, and create a fairer planet for every citizen on Earth.

Do you know any activist artists? They are invited to submit creative work ahead of the Global Artivism Conference which will take place in Tshwane (Pretoria), South Africa, on 5-8 September. The event will explore the intersection of the arts and activism: a powerful force for societal transformation. Hosted in partnership with the Global Commons Alliance, the Faculty of Arts and Design at Tshwane University of Technology, the Riky Rick Foundation for the Promotion of Artivism, and Community Arts Network, the event provides an important platform for collaboration among artists, scholars, activists and students from around the globe. We can’t wait to see what will be created from it.

From business leaders and elected officials to voting citizens and ground-breaking artists, we can all steer our unique roles toward protecting and restoring the interconnected natural systems that maintain a stable and resilient planet. This is how we can all become guardians of the global commons, whoever we are.

With all our best wishes,
the GCA team, on behalf of Jane

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