2024: Biggest year for elections in history

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Dear Planetary Steward, Dear friend of the Global Commons Alliance,

As we emerge from collective rest and reflection, we look forward to the many developments planned for 2024.

Through the development of EPIC – the Earth Public Information Collaborative – a coordinated media and communications ecosystem to move people from inaction to action, we plan to start filling the information gap on Earth system change with the global public. This work will be bolstered by a new survey we are undertaking with IPSOS Mori, in partnership with Earth4All, on attitudes to the global commons and tipping points. The findings will help to inform and nudge policy makers ahead of the biggest election year in human history.

We’ll be broadening our partner networks to enable the scaling of solutions, and taking the first steps towards collaborating with city and landscape partnerships to test our approach on the ground.

Next week we’ll be at the World Economic Forum, engaging with funders and partners, listening to their advice on the next phase of the Global Commons Alliance, our positioning and specific focus as we refresh our strategy to 2030.

The Earth Commission will be in Davos in advance of soon to be published new work, which expands on the justice considerations in the Safe and Just Boundaries released last May. That ground-breaking research was just ranked in the top 10 most attention grabbing climate papers of 2023 according to Carbon Brief. Keep your eyes open for an inspiring visual exhibition of a Safe and Just future, and a new associated post by Joyeeta Gupta and Johan Rockström on the WEF Agenda blog.

We’ll be hosting and joining conversations around the acceleration and scaling of nature-positive solutions, including a panel on financial market actions about integrating quantifiable real-world impacts on nature and people into accounting. Wendy Broadgate, Director of Earth Commission, Erin Billman, Executive Director of Science Based Targets Network, and Natasha Matic, Executive Director of Global Commons Alliance Accountability Accelerator will also be part of these important discussions at Davos. View a full schedule of InTent events at the SDG tent.

Widespread recognition of the urgency to act on climate and nature for societal and economic resilience is growing in governments and companies. There is growing momentum for human health and food system transformations to be woven into solutions, as more and more actors seek to collaborate across the usual sectoral boundaries. I expect to see state and non-state actors combining capacities and energy to drive action at scale this year, attracting major investments as they do so: there are so many promising city and landscape regeneration initiatives which show the way.

With 2023 confirmed this week as the hottest year on record, the decisions we make today are more consequential than ever. Politically this year will be critical, with elections affecting 4 billion people – half the world’s population. Locally driven action is equally crucial. We look forward to connecting and contributing to secure a safe and just planet for all. So let’s get to it!

With my best wishes for 2024,


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