Systems Change Lab

About the Systems Change Lab

Given the scale of systems change required, there is a need for a space that monitors, learns from, promotes and accelerate systems change.

The Systems Change Lab, with leading data providers, will develop a centralized tracking platform where transformations across systems, and their drivers, are monitored on a regular basis, providing the first complete picture of progress towards necessary transitions side-by-side, informing adjustments in policy and practice.

For example, the Systems Change Lab is partnering with the COP26 Champions team to track progress towards their sectoral breakthrough campaigns.

The Systems Change Lab will also partner with leading researchers and institutions to showcase case studies of systems change, drawing out ingredients of change in an accessible manner.

Lastly, for the transformations at greatest risk, the Systems Change Lab will work with new coalitions and champions to try to address them.

We will pursue facilitated dialogue with leading thinkers, coalitions and funders and use a variety of means to assess gaps, barriers and map actors affecting each transition, potentially including systems mapping and identification of possible disruptors that could unlock systems change.