About the Global Commons Alliance

Our vision is the triumph of the global commons. We will all thrive and prosper on a stable, resilient planet.

Just like any well functioning ecosystem, abundance and diversity is healthy and necessary. The partners and core component parts of the Global Commons Alliance differ significantly in their approaches to tackling the escalating climate and environmental crises, they have different target audiences and stakeholder groups, and different fiscal structures.

But while they have different approaches for achieving it, each GCA component and partner shares a common vision in which human well-being and the global economy thrive, sustained by healthy global commons on a stable planet.

None of GCA’s partners or component parts can achieve this alone, so by working together in community, and being guided in intentional collaboration wherever possible, the Global Commons Alliance is championing a new kind of operating model for non-state actors. It’s a model in which we celebrate each other’s successes; where we understand these as beneficial to us all; where we stay grounded in science and hold each other to account with honesty and respect.

Together, we are collectively providing the mechanisms for action across all the global commons, guided by cutting edge science and clear insights into the necessary transformations and progress so far.

With these interconnected tools and understanding, our mission is to empower citizens, companies and countries to become effective stewards of the global commons: the environmental systems in the biosphere and climate system that regulate the state of the planet, or, in other words, our life support system.

For the next three years all our work will cluster around three mutually reinforcing strategic priorities for safeguarding the global commons and regaining planetary stability.

These are:

MINDSET SHIFT | Combine cutting edge science with strategic communications to shift the narrative
The Global Commons Alliance will mainstream scientific understanding of humanity’s critical dependence on the global commons, and the existential threat posed by tipping points, with a new scientific framework outlining safe and just boundaries for people and planet.

MECHANISMS FOR ACTION | Translate science for real economy implementation 
The Global Commons Alliance will scale the adoption, implementation and accountability of our pioneering tools for real-world action – in particular, science-based targets for nature and climate – with companies and cities.

SYSTEMS CHANGE | Facilitate convergence of key actors around an equitable and systemic approach
The Global Commons Alliance will facilitate convergence and help accelerate the urgent changes needed to safeguard the global commons by providing citizens, cities, companies and countries with detailed tracking of progress across major economic and other critical sectors, shining a light on drivers, progress and blockers of change.

Our objectives


By 2025, the scientific framework of safe and just boundaries for people and planet will be being applied by decision-makers in private sector and government.

By 2025, the adoption and implementation of available science-based targets will be the new norm.

By 2025, the true magnitude of the multifaceted transformations we need to safeguard the global commons will be well understood. Key actors will know what they need to do, where things are most urgent, and be taking action that sparks and sustains transformational change in order to protect the global commons.


“Addressing climate change, protecting the health of our ocean and biodiversity, stemming materials pollution and ensuring food and resource security are wicked, interconnected global environmental challenge for our 21st century economy and society. Addressing them effectively—and with the necessary urgency—requires unprecedented cooperation.” Dominic Waughray
Advisor to the CEO, WBCSD – Former Chair of the GCA