About the Global Commons Alliance

The Global Commons Alliance is an unprecedented partnership of more than 60 of the world’s most forward-looking organisations in philanthropy, science, business and advocacy. 

Our goal is to create the most powerful network to scale science-based action to protect people and planet.

Our mission is to empower citizens, cities, companies and countries to become stewards of our global commons.

Our vision is the triumph of the global commons. We will all thrive and prosper from a stable, resilient planet. We believe our planet can be restabilized by 2050 by applying decades of accumulated knowledge of effective management of common resources. Our future is the triumph not the tragedy of the commons.

The Global Commons Alliance has set three critical priorities for the next three years:

MINDSET SHIFT | Mainstream a scientific understanding of humanity’s critical dependence on the Global Commons, the existential threat posed by its tipping points, and develop safe and just guardrails for people and planet.

MECHANISMS FOR ACTION | Scale the adoption and implementation of science-based targets for the Global Commons amongst companies and cities, including through engagement with governments.

SYSTEMIC APPROACHES | Facilitate convergence of key actors around an equitable and systemic approach to stewarding the Global Commons through research, data, tools and facilitation at local and global levels.

What we will do

For the first time we will identify a safe corridor for humanity.

For the first time we will identify science-based targets for all global commons that keep Earth in a stable state.

For the first time we will systemically apply principles for managing common resources to stewardship of Earth.

We will build the system to scale action rapidly across cities, companies and societies.

And, to help scale action we will build innovative partnerships with mass media and advocacy groups.

Our core values

We have 5 core values that inform how we work and who we work with. Could you work with us?


We are all in this together

Justice and equity are at the center of our vision for a shared commons. We must join together the rich diversity of wisdom and creativity from people, cultures, and ecosystems around the world, and ensure that no one is left behind.


Earth is our home

We are destabilizing the only home we have. The situation is now critical. Time is the natural resource in shortest supply. Our immediate responsibility is to protect the stability and health of vital systems like climate, water, biodiversity, ocean, and land, to enable people and planet to thrive.


Science is our compass

Science should inform our approach towards stewardship of the global commons. We are committed to driving actionable research across fields, geographies, and scales. At the centre of this approach are science-based targets.


Trust is our foundation

Trust is the bedrock for building social capital. A shared confidence in each other and in our ability to build a better future will be the key to sustaining a flourishing global commons.


Cooperation is our superpower

Our success as a species is down to our ability to cooperate. There are no limits to what we can achieve when our goals and actions are aligned, from citizens to cities and companies to countries.

“Addressing climate change, protecting the health of our ocean and biodiversity, stemming materials pollution and ensuring food and resource security are wicked, interconnected global environmental challenge for our 21st century economy and society. Addressing them effectively—and with the necessary urgency—requires unprecedented cooperation.” Dominic Waughray
Advisor to the CEO, WBCSD – Former Chair of the GCA