The Global Commons Alliance is a growing coalition of scientists, philanthropists, businesses and innovators, inspiring new ideas and action – an alliance of the willing, channelling the courage of the many, for the benefit of all.  The Alliance currently comprises over 70 partners, who come together from all over the world, bringing together rigorous science with diverse ideas, perspectives and solutions, in order to change mindsets, actions and systems.

Everything we do is co-created but retains a single-minded focus – to enable all of us to safeguard the global commons.

Organisations are listed because they are partnering either with one or several of the Alliance components.

The Alliance is furthermore supported by an Investor Collaborative consisting of:
ClimateWorks Foundation, Casey Cronin
Generation Foundation, Grace Eddy
Gordon and Betty Moore Foundation, Aileen Lee
Global Environment Facility
MAVA Foundation, Paule Gros
Oak Foundation, Kristian Parker
Porticus, Caroline Bryant
Tiina and Antti Herlin Foundation, Harri Lammi