These Cubs Were Rescued From 'Cheetah Hell'

These Cubs Were Rescued From 'Cheetah Hell'

These 8-week-old cubs were rescued from ‘cheetah hell.’

Two 8-week-old cheetah cubs were rescued from a village near Erigavo, Somaliland by the Ministry of Environment & Rural Development (MoERD).

It is illegal under Somaliland law to have cheetahs as pets, but local farmers often take them in or sell them off in the exotic pet trade after chasing them away from their livestock.

MoERD and the Cheetah Conservation Fund provide medical treatment and rehabilitation, but the cheetahs often have to remain in captivity as they are too tame to survive back in the wild.

The two orgs are working to teach farmers how to manage their livestock while minimizing cheetah-human conflicts.

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