I Tried Zero Waste Take-Out (DeliverZero)

I Tried Zero Waste Take-Out (DeliverZero)

We’ve all felt the guilt: You get takeout for dinner and your order comes with a ton of single-use packaging. There’s got to be a better way, so we set out to discover if takeout could go zero-waste

In 2016, an estimated 560 billion disposable foodservice items were used in the U.S. And food deliveries with such items have jumped during the pandemic.

‘At scale, a billion takeout containers ending up in landfills every year is so much more problematic than washing a billion takeout containers,’ says Lauren Sweeney, the co-founder of DeliverZero. Her startup allows customers to order takeout with reusable containers instead of single-use items. The company says each of its containers can withstand 1,000 uses.

‘In New York City, we estimate that it’s 22.9 billion individual, disposable foodservice items [that are thrown out] per year,’ says researcher Rich Grousset. ‘This is something we can easily do something about.’

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