Accountability Accelerator

David Attenborough
“The truth is: the natural world is changing. And we are totally dependent on that world. It provides our food, water and air. It is the most precious thing we have and we need to defend it.” Sir David Attenborough
Biologist, natural historian and author.

The Accountability Accelerator is uniquely designed to work across the entire accountability landscape. It will help hold corporations accountable for delivering on their nature and climate commitments so that the global commons are restored and sustainably used, and we stay within safe and just boundaries. 

The Accountability Accelerator is working with the Science-based Targets Network and other target and standards setters to provide the tools companies need to translate commitments into performance aligned with science.

The Accountability Accelerator is designed to fill the gaps, enable close coordination between stakeholders (local and global), even the ones who do not naturally interact or know of potential opportunities to interact so that together these groups can work collectively to pull all available leaders that drive urgent change.

The Accountability Accelerator has five core ambitions


1. Map the accountability landscape and build the connective tissue between them

Accountability Accelerator Accountability Wheel

2. Nurture innovation and spur action by all the stakeholders

3. Drive collaboration, synergies, and engagement.

Accountability Accelerator Infinity Loop

4. Support a variety of efforts through grantmaking.

We’re currently funding several early-stage projects and organizations that will contribute to building an accountability architecture, within four cluster, including:


Data & Standards

The World Benchmarking Alliance (WBA); CDP; Capitals Coalition

Through this work, the Accountability Accelerator will help provide accountability stakeholders with the information they need to understand what and how companies are disclosing against results and actions. 



Finance for Biodiversity Foundation; Ceres; Share Action

Through this work, the Accountability Accelerator will help enable the finance sector to take action on the global commons in a manner that drives corporate accountability. 



ProDESC; Rights and Accountability (RAID)

Through this work, the Accountability Accelerator will help drive decision making away from actions that are harmful for nature and biodiversity.



Restless Development

Through this work, the Accountability Accelerator will help incentivize and support corporate action on the global commons through awareness and recognition.

5. Drive changes in corporate behavior.

The Accountability Accelerator is coordinated by Dr. Natasha Matic (Executive Director) and Randall Kranz.