Accountability Accelerator

The Accountability Accelerator is working with over one hundred organizations with expertise in data and standards setting, benchmarking, campaigns and regulation to build a system of accountability that holds companies responsible for science-based targets and broader environmental performance.

This work is also being informed by a wider stakeholder group of individuals and organizations involved in employee activism, consumer engagement, investigative journalism, and social movements.

The Accountability Accelerator will fund, through a regranting process, projects that actively contribute to building convergence among accountability systems, ensuring that companies adopting the forthcoming Science-Based Targets for Nature are held accountable.

The Accountability Accelerator is currently supporting the development of a Nature Benchmark of the World Benchmarking Alliance and the creation of a “Nature Action 100”, built on the model of Ceres’ Climate Action 100. By aggregating the leverage of such a diverse set of actors and providing the information these actors need in formats they can use (e.g. identification of leaders / laggards around specific targets such as land-use change), the Accountability Accelerator will drive convergence among actors and improve corporate accountability for the global commons.